Transforming change in Healthcare

Bedoc borns to become an online platform of services for the doctor and the patient; where doctors can offer their knowledge and patients can choose their doctor. Working as a mediator between both.

Based on the free choice, the profile of the doctor and the patient's need.

The current goal is to enhance the work of doctors, promoting specialization and excellence and making easy for the patient to find what he needs.

We will have an internal search engine, registration area, doctors profile, and calendar.

The aim is to create a multiformat platform, flexible and intuitive.

Mission / Scope

Create a multiformat service platform to connect doctors and patients. Giving patients the opportunity to select their medical professional with more criteria. And to the doctor to publicize their areas of excellence, their specializations, their rates and work centers.


At, we are committed to excellent healthcare, providing the doctor and the patient with a tool that adapts itself to changes and to the transformation of the healthcare environment.