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This is the information that visitors will see about you. is designed to provide support in English, so we recommend to write a presentation in both languages. If you do not complete the content in English, the presentation will be presented in Spanish

Select the physical location of your office on the map. You can type an address in the search box, and when you click on the tab the map should be in that zone. Once in the desired zone, pressing on the corresponding point WITH THE RIGHT BUTTON will select the marked point for the geolocated.

You should select at least one specialty, but you can mark several if your activity is multidisciplinary

Angiology and vascular surgery Chiropody Dermatology Dietitian nutritionist Emergency medicine Endocrinology General and digestive surgery Gynecology and obstetrics Medical genetics Neurophysiology Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Orthopedic surgery and traumatology Pediatric Surgery Physiotherapy Plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery Pneumology PsychiatryAesthetical MedicineAllergyAnesthesiologyCardiologyCardiovascular surgeryClinical analyzesCritical Care MedicineDigestive systemFamily and Community MedicineGeriatricsHeart surgeryHematologyInternal MedicineMedical OncologyMicrobiology and ParasitologyNephrologyNeurologyNeurosurgeryNuclear medicineNursingNutritionOccupational MedicineOdontologyOphthalmologyOptometryOtorhinolaryngologyPathological anatomyPediatricsPreventive medicine and public healthPsychologyRadiation OncologyRadiologyRehabilitationSpeech PathologySports medicineThoracic SurgeryTraumatologyUrology
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If you wish, you can attach a jpeg or png format file that will be used as an image. It should not be more than 500 kbytes in size, and note that it will be displayed in a square format. Remember that it is not mandatory, and that you can attach or replace this image later if you wish.